Smartnodes require a collateral of 800,000 SKYT. This number does not change. Your collateral stays in your wallet at all times, and as long as locked your Smartnode is valid. You can unlock the collateral at anytime, you are in full control of your SKYT.


skytered (skyterecore daemon) is sensitive to performance issues, especially when it comes to CPU. It is recommended that the server you use for a skytere Smartnode runs nothing else and has a minimum of one cores.

CPU: One cores minimum.

RAM: 2GB minimum.

SWAP: 2GB minimum.

Storage: 25GB minimum (SSD is strongly recommended).

Note: The skytere blockchain grows continuously so the minimum 25GB will also grow over time, make sure to check your servers available disk space occasionally. Additionally, once Smartnodes start being used for Smart Contracts hardware requirements will increase significantly.


Recommended operating systems are Ubuntu 20.04. Other operating systems are possible but may result in unexpected behavior. You should always be using the latest mainnet release on your Smartnode.


Network connection of 100/mbit is strongly recommended, uptime is very important. Interruptions will mean your Smartnode gets “PoSe Banned” and you will stop receiving rewards until it is fixed.

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